Simplicity Bracelets and Necklaces


The Simplicity line was designed for for anyone seeking color and sparkle but with a dainty design in mind. Each piece is adorned with beautiful Japanese glass, Czech glass or hand cut Roman glass. Some beads are created with 14k gold or 22k gold embedded in the glass. Other beads may be coated with a durable 22k gold vapor.

This collection is made entirely from Japanese Stainless Steel which has been oxidized to create the look of Bali silver. These bracelets and necklaces are non-reactive which means if you have a metal allergy, these items can be worn by you without any reaction. You can wear them any time, anywhere and they will not oxidize or change color like Sterling Silver. I wear mine swimming, washing dishes or in the shower! They clean up beautifully with a gentle soap and water. Truly durable with a pretty, elegant and sparkly look.