Sacred Art of Adornment – The Beautiful Art Form of Chainmaille

The ancient art form of Chainmaille is resilient and timeless as well as very easy to wear.  Most people associate Chainmaille with ancient armour but this form of metal working also created beautiful jewelry.  This Canadian artist enjoys recreating Byzantine history by designing these beautiful pieces of jewelry which are suitable for everyday wear.  Many of her inspirations are drawn from artifacts found in Greece, Rome and  Byzantine history.  She also creates items that were popular in Europe later in time as well as some modern twists to old styles.

Chainmaille is strong and and withstands daily wear exceptionally well.  Certain pieces may contain pearls, Roman Glass or gemstones.  These pieces may require extra care while wearing or cleaning. Materials used in these pieces include Japanese Stainless Steel which is tarnish resistant, easy to clean as well as non-reactive.  This metal may be worn by anyone without reactions or changing colour.  Other metals used to create these pieces include pure copper, gold, rose gold, sterling silver, fine silver as well as gold filled wire or accents.

Each item is assembled by hand from start to finish.  The artist starts the process by hand by drafting the piece, then creating and cutting each jump ring.  The items are then assembled by hand, polished or tumbled to create a smooth clean finish.  Depending upon the complexity of the items shown here, time for assembly can take anywhere from 4 hours to 20 hours start to finish.

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